It’s in Their Blood!

So last night I was at a friend’s house just browsing the internet on my phone. You know checking Facebook and Instagram. I got tired of doing that so I decided to check my email and then be done with it. After I checked my email I said to myself “Self”, “I wonder what kind of emails my bf are getting?”

I have his email logged in on my phone (don’t judge me). When I open the email all I see is a message from a girl on Craigslist. HMMMMMM….

Interesting right?! So I open the email and started to read the thread. There were things like:

I want to kiss it…
I love those thighs…
You so sexy…
blah blah blah…

I was like AWWWW OK “this where the bitch live huh” (it’s a saying my bf says haha). So me being me I took hella screen shots and sent them to his phone. He immediately calls and is like what is that? I said you know dude don’t play me! This went on for like 30 min.

When he gets to work he has his friend try to vouch for his character (I don’t want to hear the bullshit). His friend lies so why would I believe him?

He was holding on to this excuse that his friend has been using his phone and must be his messages. I just have a couple of questions:

How did your friend know your email address to use it?
Messages were sent at 9 last night when you were just getting home from eating with me. That was your friend too?

He tried to act like he did not know how the messages were getting to his email.

Look y’all. I feel as though once you are caught doing something you might as well go ahead and confess. He just kept lying. I’m not pissed about the fact that he did it. I’m more mad about the lie. When he asked me about my friend B (The guy from my I want the D post) I told him straight up.

Yep I have been texting him…
Sending pictures…
Yep I wanted to fuck him…

So we are past that now and he knows now I don’t want to be with B. But when I ask him why can’t he be honest with me like I am with him?

Men!!! Lying is in their blood!

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