This Can’t be Life

I am not one to complain – ok I am – but I have been realizing that I am in a continued tornado that never ends. It keeps going around and around.

When it is that you get this fulfillment out of life? When does that time come? after you have had children maybe? brought your first home? Landed  your dream job?

I have been thinking about this for a long time. Am I cheating my self out of living a life full of adventures and promises of being happy? All because I am scared or content? I never thought I was content with life until now. Maybe I am not, I am just thinking too hard. Life is hard enough and when you add the stress of wanting to be successful at SOMETHING it is even harder.

I see the older adults around me and I wonder how was their life was at my age. Were they in California soaking up the sun? or in Texas eating bbq?

I’m not saying I want to travel to India or Paris. I just want to have experiences.  That can be accomplished in my own back yard. I could do this on my own or ask my boyfriend, but I really want someone who has the same vision I have. The Lord said 2 is better than 1.

Where do I start? I can’t just leave work – can’t afford to. I have to find away around my life as it is to have new experiences. It will happen!

Vision Board time!



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