Feeling Some Type of Way

As you all know, my anniversary was this weekend. It was pretty ok I suppose, Im not one to complain…I LIED, I am going to complain. Maybe I expect too much out of my boyfriend, or maybe im just a B***h. Who knows. All I know is I had this fantastic picture in my head about how it all would go down. I pictured it ending something like me running through a field and jumping into his arms, and he spins me around and we both fall down laughing at how silly we are, then he kisses me under the sunset…blah blah blah. 

We ended up going to the casino to eat, it was seafood night. Both of us loooovee seafood, so I was not upset about that. We drove my car to Tunica, MS and Lola ( my car) start acting a fool jerking and what not. Now as you guys will soon find out, I have a anger problem. So im now pissed about my car. Then when we get there it was 27 dollars. I was not mad about that because I knew the price. So we are eating and what not, and I get soooooo full that it has to be the WORSE sin ever. I could barely walk or breathe. The night ended with me moaning and groaning like a baby goat because I felt like crap.

So the next day he had to go to work for 6 hours. That kind of pissed me off because I want all of his attention and I want it NOW. Like who the freak told him he could go to work on our anniversary weekened? I hate being alone on the weekends. I am an attention whore…what’s it to you? Anywho, I was really pissed. He of course did not see the big deal and I kept saying “did you forget our day?’ and he would say “naw mane” ugghhhh. So all we did was go to the pumpkin patch yesterday to end our dull anniversary. Am I being selfish…nahhh  

*shrugs shoulders* 

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